We create and bring to market products and services that delight the people who use them.

We create products and services in these areas: nutritious food/beverage, health & wellness or personal growth/education. We want to enable healthy active lifestyle choices, improved learning outcomes or improving the lifestyles of customers.

We seek opportunities where we can make a contribution that improves things in ways that makes everyone happy.  We do not take on projects we think we cannot make a difference on. We turn away more projects than we take on simply for that reason.

If we cannot maximize an opportunity to the best of our ability we will abandon it early on.


We like opportunities in nutritious food/beverage, health and wellness products .When evaluating an opportunity we look for:


An attractive market opportunity

  • A market opportunity with serious growth potential.
  • The company is capable of becoming the market leader
  • There is still a viable exit strategy if the company comes in second or third
  • Manageable market risks

Credible and creative people

  • The team has the key technological, functional, leadership, and industry skills or will they be able to attract these skills
  • Intellectual honesty
  • Excellent execution

An understandable, high margin business model

  • High margins create a robust business model, allowing young companies to survive mistakes, unknown unknowns, and misjudgments

Strategic Fit with Existing Relationships

  • No conflict of interests
  • Prefer Los Angeles County locations
  • Potential synergies with other portfolio companies is a bonus

Capital efficient

  • The company can make substantial progress with small amounts of investment.

Favorable risk / return profile

Double bottom line

  • We are successful when customers are happy and everyone makes money and is inspired to do better.

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Press Kit

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Our Approach

Accelerating Growth with Improved Decision Making

Our structured approach focuses our creative ideas on the right opportunities, providing a robust context for collaboration. We sequence our decisions in a meaningful way, so that clients are closely involved, well informed, and able to execute with confidence. And as the project’s vision emerges, we help our partners communicate internally, building in-house momentum towards delivering a successful product.